Handmade Bracelets
Our bracelets are made entirely handmade from cutting to the application of crystals or decorative elements in metal. Each Mantellassi bracelet will never be perfectly identical to the other, guaranteeing unique peculiarities of each piece. A product of excellence of Made in Italy.
Made in Italy
Come and find out at one of our stores the elegance and originality of our accessories and leather keyrings entirely handmade in Italy by skilled artisans.
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Limited Edition
Check out and buys our creations produced in limited edition only for you. All article will be presented on-line exclusively and will remain only for 30 days and then will change with new proposals.


Artistic and modern, each Roberto Mantellassi keyring has a distinctive element, unique and cool.


The choice of accessories say a lot about a person. A bracelet with a unique design will help you to assert your personality with style in the best way.

Fashion VEG

More and more sensitive towards a sustainable reality, we are creating a whole range of accessories with 100% vegetable material, by combining our experience and our genius, we will try to surprise you.


Many years of experience and a long tradition allow Mantellassi craftsmen to give their best. To make a simple keyring or a sophisticated bracelet, combining new materials and traditional methods, Mantellassi craftsmen manage to bring to light the extraordinary beauty of each creation.

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Attention to detail

Each product is taken care of as if it were a unique piece and subjected to quality controls at every stage of production, from the choice of materials to accurate workmanship of minute details.

Quality and high craftsmanship design a versatile and stylish range of products. Appreciated in Italy, in Europe and in the rest of world.


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